Manufacturing Locations

Serval Atelier manufacturing takes place in carefully selected
locations of Alpine region of Europe,
guaranteeing maximum luxury and exclusivity.


Alpine Slovenia

From its headquarters in Maribor, named as an Alpine Place of the Year 2000, European Capital of Culture 2012 and town that lies on the river Drava, at the meeting point of famous Pohorje Skiresort all the way to the Julian Alps, Serval Atelier creates and manufactures at the most exclusive locations in the Alpine region of Slovenia.


Alpine Italy

The most famous Alpine places in Italy are our locations where our products are made, such as Como the capital of silk and Milan, the world fashion center. This Italian towns are carefully selected by Serval Atelier as one of the most prestigious cities in the Alpine region of Italy.

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Map of our Locations

From luxury resorts in Monaco to the world-famous alpine skiing in Maribor, the company’s capital, Serval has carefully selected manufacturing locations in the European Alpine region from Como and Milano in Italy to Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia where skilled hands of silk and leather artisans create superb handmade Serval Atelier artwork products.