From past to Future

Discover more than 100 years of Serval Atelier’s family heritage evoked and go through a journey that reveals passion for Art & Designing and celebrates the beauty of living. 


First fashion starts

From the early twenties of the 20th century, Stefan’s
great-grandfather graduated from prestigious fashion schools abroad and began his first steps in the fashion industry. As the professional in the fashion industry he was first the head of ready-to-wear and later founded his own shop, but he was also skilled in designing innovative products.


New generations

The next significant event is taken over by Stefan’s mother, who was engaged in creating women’s fashion, sketching avant-garde models and art. Many of her art paintings adorn collections around the world, and even today, she has a crucial role in new collections, from luxury cars and products, to accessories and larger design projects.

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Stefan’s design

A huge effort in design, art and education has been made by Stefan after taking over the creative heritage of his mother and older generations. He set out to create in various fields such as vehicle design, yachts, industrial products and engineering, designing more than 100 products and getting woldwide recognation by receiving prestigious design awards from around the world.


Foundation of Serval Atelier

In 2018, Stefan S. Serval founded Serval Global Design, consisted of main design studio and organization units including Serval Atelier for luxury fashion, Serval Casa for luxury home and Serval Motors for manufacturing luxury cars and vehicles. In the same time itroduced various collections.


New developments & world expansion

Based on vast experience in various areas of industry, Serval focuses on new projects to cover all areas of luxury, from fashion to furniture, from perfumes to Swiss made watches, from interiors to hotels, from sports cars to motorhomes.