Exclusive Services

Our premium services are guaranteed by purchasing our products, however it is possible to provide additional maximum exclusivity with services such as an exclusive personal retailer, personalization with the initials of the person or complete customization.


Five-Star Services

Serval Atelier is committed to maximum exclusivity, not only through its products but also through the superior service that underpins our design house, providing our customers with the best possible service with exclusive packaging that comes with each product, executive direct sales as well as the huge personalization options available.

Luxury packaging


Furnishing of sophisticated residential and commercial buildings, including exteriors, interiors and gardens

Additional Luxury Perks

Extended exclusivity through our additional luxury offer.


Initials on products

Personalization of our products is possible by using the customer's initials and selecting the desired position, which guarantees the customer a completely unique Serval Atelier product.


Custom products

Complete customization from the choice of material color, texture and details to create a fully customized Serval Atelier product, completely unique in the whole world.

Personalizated Packaging

Unique Packaging

Personalization of the packaging with the name or message especially suitable for gifts and sets

Personal Sales

Furniture & Decor

From luxury sofas to lightning, decor and art

Best Sellers