Exclusive Services

Our premium services are guaranteed by purchasing our products, however it is possible to provide additional maximum exclusivity with services such as an exclusive personal retailer, personalization with the initials of the person or complete customization.


Five-Star Services

Serval Atelier is committed to maximum exclusivity, not only through its products but also through the superior service that underpins our design house, providing our customers with the best possible service with exclusive packaging that comes with each product, executive direct sales as well as the huge personalization options available.

Serval Box

Enjoy an exclusive packaging

Each of our items is carefully packaged in a luxurious handmade box complete with a Serval Atelier card of authenticity.

Realtime Contact

Serval Atelier Universe

Connect with our Client Advisors in real time via video call, message or smart app.

Additional Luxury Perks

Extended exclusivity through our additional luxury offer.

Personal Retailer

Enjoy Exclusivity at its best

Your personal Retailer will enable you a special, individualized treatment to help you choose the most exceptional Serval Atelier items and advice you about all style possibilites.

Best Sellers