“Sophistication and purity of form enriched with passion for design and high-tech component, materialized in handmade products of the highest quality entirely of European Alpine origin.”

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

With more than 100 designed products and design awards Serval Global Design is one of the most talented  and fruitful design houses in Europe designing and creating new products every day.


More than

Designed products worldwide and growing

Est. 2018

Our Story – Young with tradition

Although a young company founded in 2018, Serval has its roots in the last century of 1920, when Stefan’s great-grandfather took fashion education and was engaged in creating custom-fitted clothing in Europe.


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Our Future

Growing Fast

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Regional offices around the world

Our commitments

We are driven by our values that are build-in in our company philosophy.

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Exclusively Alpine product

From luxury resorts in Monaco to the world-famous alpine skiing in Maribor, the company’s capital, Serval has carefully selected manufacturing locations in the European Alpine region from Como and Milano in Italy to Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia where skilled hands of silk and leather artisans create superb handmade artworks as we call our products.