Serval Atelier introducing new collection

After years of active work on the design and development of new products, Serval Atelier, together with the presentation of a new website, separate from the website of the design and development house Serval Global Design, simultaneously presents complete new creations and completely new products on in the field of fashion, accessories and completely new segments of luxury products.

This represents a new path and development of the Serval Atelier brand’s offcial online store exclusively at accessible to customers from all over the world.

Fiore Unico handbags

Since its creation in 2018, the unique flower has received the latest versions, variants and completely new models, such as the Fiore Unico Mini.

Il’Accesso Pouch bags & Accesssories

Serval Atelier presents a brand new product line called “Il’Accesso”, a new line dedicated to an expanding group of leather accessories, handbags, card holders and key chains. The line exudes elegance, refinement and simplicity with the aim of being available to users whenever needed. Ease of use combined with the best materials and craftsmanship and the extended customization options.

New Scarves Collection

By fully surrendering to the charms of the unique style of art paintings created by Stefan S. Serval and his mother, Serval Atelier has created completely new types of scarves such as Linea di Sibianno Toscano made on the basis of the art painting “Toscano”. At the same time, Serval Atelier presents a new line of scarves such as Design Momentum, Linea di Natura and SA Initiale.