Serval Atelier & Bankarium

NLB bank owns a rich cultural heritage. In the past, it regularly supported the production, development and promotion of Slovene fine arts by purchasing works, thus creating an extensive Art Collection of Slovene Fine Arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. They have preserved many items related to money, banking and banking practices, thus creating a unique banking Museum collection for Slovenia. Due to its exceptional importance for the country, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia declared both collections in 2018 a national treasure of the Republic of Slovenia.

Slovenian Banking Museum

The first banking Museum in Slovenia

Bankarium, Slovenian Banking Museum, has opened its doors. Supported by NLB bank, the museum depicts the banking heritage of the Slovene lands from 1820 to the present day, presents most common bank practises and shares financial knowledge.

Art Nouveau Building

Museum Shop exclusively

The building of the City Savings Bank of Ljubljana is a three-storey, symmetrically designed architecture, placed in the building street line of Čopova street. The relatively wide street façade, consisting of 17 window axes vertically, was designed in a historic style with touches of Art Nouveau. It is entirely decorated with plaster decor of late historical and Art Nouveau motifs.

Serval Atelier specially designed products for Bankarium

A special set of hand-crafted products was designed for the Bankarium, uniquely marked with the logos of Serval Atelier and the Bankarium Museum. It was created with inspiration from the museum historical building architectural style and unique Art Nouveau motifs.